By Serwaa Ampaafo

Photo: wiki

It does not take a genius to realise that Africa’s population lack of inventive and creative minds hence our collective failure. 

Growth and competitiveness is increasingly driven by creativity and innovation. ‘innovation’  said Barack Obama, “is the currency of the 21st century.”

In  Africa, the lack of creativity on the major results from the lack of materials and resources that help stimulate the creative mind. 

The African mind is usually overburdened with falsehoods from religions and false class room information to the point that most people can hardly even engage in any proper thinking once they even free themselves from these.

 The priority has been all about  survival considering the harsh living conditions brought about by lack of solutions to our problems. 

Majority of african youth are not creative and given the chance to rule they might perform even worse than the current leadership they criticize. Our leaders are a sample of the average population hence their  inability to be innovative, which factor as a reasons we have failed to grow as a people.

 They always look outside for solutions while we abandon our ingenuity thereby resulting in shocking decisions which obviously results in lack of solution. 

The majority of Africans just like our leaders only find themselves in others. They cannot create or lets develop a concept based on independent thinking. They are all about what is trending. 

Most feminists cannot be feminists without Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie the same way most atheists or agnostics can never take their stance  without visiting popular atheists and agnostic pages quite in the same manner they become christians, muslims or follow other silly ideologies. 

Our lack of creativity which ends up with the majority of us doing the same thing is nauseating.

Majority of Africans don’t have an independent mind and its surprising why this is even so. Our lack of originality is why we don’t even own a strong creative arts industry. Most of our songs,  movies, literary works etc are either not indigenous to our culture or sometimes they may even be some plagiarized versions from some source hence doesn’t fit in and ends up as a fail.

For Africa to develop we’ll need outside the box thinkers! People who can think and deliver solutions without looking up to other people or concepts from other sources. Our lack of originality is deadly.



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