By Serwaa Ampaafo

Angel Obinim
Photo: wiki

 Religions are premised on lies, Perversions and absurdities and  Christianity is therefore not left out in this.Christianity just like any other religion for that matter is not based on Truth. 

There are over a 100 contradictions in the bible and it is for this reason that Christianity has so many branches; All practicing totally different doctrines with roots in the bible.

The doctrines of the Catholics are different from that of the Deeper life, the Pentecostal doctrine is also different from that of the Adventist etc.

Within this same Christianity circle, the Catholics and Pentecostals/charismatics accuse the Jehovah witnesses of not following biblical principles and vice versa.

The only thing Christians share in common is jesus, looting from their members and the concept of miracles which is even non-existent; same applies to muslims in terms of disunity in doctrinal practice(sunni, shiites, ahmadiyya etc).

On several occasions educated christians mock the uneducated ones and sometimes call their pastors false prophets when in fact  it is the same nonsense their English speaking literate pastors serve them.

False prophets?  How? What the yardstick for the measurement of such when there were lots of people including the divine figure jesus who were equally unconventional in the bible.

It is in the bible that Elijah commanded 2 bears to devour 42 children just for calling him bald (2Kings 2:23-25)  but same Christians mock angel Obinim of Ghana for claiming he turn into snakes and dogs to kill his offenders. 

It is in the same bible that Jesus spat into a blind man’s eyes claiming to heal him but here we are with  Angel Obinim who steps on pregnant women equally claiming to heal them yet same Christians criticize him for being unconventional. And some of us wonder; How different is spitting on someone different from stepping on them? Is it not equal abuse in different forms?

Also, It is in the same bible that Jephtha sacrificed his daughter unto Jehovah granting him victory in a war but same Christians would call the police if someone does that today. Why?

Is it that Christians do not study their bibles thus tend to be hypocritical and quick to pass judgement on those who actually do and go by the terms?

 Come to think of it, the likes of angel Obinim, TB Joshua, Opambour, Agya Nkuto and their likes are the true adherents to the   tenets of Christianity but unfortunately those are the ones so called educated christians mock. These guys are illiterates and so was jesus but sadly contemporary christians prefer educated pastors to them.

To be honest, Christianity today is just a pale reflection of what it actually is. Christianity-proper just like Islam proper thrives on abuse, lies, absurdities and perversions. 

You only engage in christianity and criticize others who do  same but in a different manner when you are ignorant of what Christianity truly stands for.


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