In African religion,adherents were asked to buy goats, sheeps, fowls, food stuffs for sacrifices and cleansing. The priest gathers all the harvest, sell some behind closed doors, and use the money to take care of his family. Christianity condemn animal sacrifices, and convinced Africans to believe that,the religion of their ancestors is stupid. 

But now instead of buying animals and food stuffs which is cheaper, Christianity introduces tithe, offerings,etc, which is expensive than what was originally practiced in African religion. A tithe is 10% of all your earnings (money).Which God will require that, you should bring 1/10th of your money to him before he blesses you ? How is that different from gambling ? 

The residual effect of religious financial obligation such as tithing ,offerings,etc, is corruption in society. Any country where religion dominates the minds of the masses, corruption, nepotism and grossly unfair behavior abounds, because the adherents are always under pressure. Pressure to meet financial obligation and to impress others. 

If you scrutinize every religion, you’ll discover the massive unethical money making schemes that has been strategically instituted to make money off the adherents to keep the religion going. Many times, the religious adherents don’t discover they are being impoverished until it is too late, when they have grown financially weaker and the leader has accumulated so much.

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I don’t like advising religious folks about money because they wouldn’t listen. Once a person is able to arrive at a point without thoroughly reasoning, you can’t take them out of that point with reasoning. Usually, the only remedy for a religious disease, is another religion. Once a person makes up their mind to believe in something, no amount of argument can change the person except another believe. 

Religion is the reason why, many youths in Ghana are unemployed. Do you know Why ? Many HR’s of many organization in Ghana are controlled by their religious leaders, and they will not give a job to someone outside their religious sects because they wouldn’t get the tithe coming to them. They will force their church member into a position than getting a more qualified person outside to do the job. Greed! 

Ignorance is a multi-billion dollar industry, and the best way to feed-off people’s ignorance is through religion. The monies that are leveraged from the religious adherents are used to build schools, hospitals, etc, that the members themselves cannot afford. Some religious leaders also claim they use the money for charity. Some are genuine, others are not. 

So many research has revealed that,a pound is taken out of the beneficiaries of religious charity, and the dignity of many of such beneficiaries are trampled upon. The beneficiaries are re-obligated to keep the scheme going. Religious charity are like rearing a fowl for Christmas. The fowl enjoys the feed, only to be killed for soup in another Christmas.

African Traditional religion promises reincarnation, with less financial obligation, black people say that’s stupid, because the white-man has promised them heaven, not knowing in the white-man’s God loves money than anything. 🤔

BY: Ing. Richard Mawuli Amegatse


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