By Serwaa Ampaafo

 The god/GOD concept as it stands, is more of an intellectual deficit/gap than truth; the things humans don’t understand they attribute to gods. Thanks to science and other conventional forms of ‘KNOWING’, this gap is being bridged.

Religion in itself is politics, the same way Politics in itself is a Religion. Politics and religion work hand in hand because both are cults that thrive on propaganda to sail their message across to win souls. Without souls/people politicians just like religious leaders are powerless. 

Religion and politics are cults that brainwash the masses; they both promise to serve the masses but in the long run it is the masses that serve them. 

Religion is relevant to politicians because it helps to keep the minds of the masses on the goodness of god whilst they loot and exploit them. Politicians endorse religions because it helps to perpetuate the class inequality which greatly favors them. They create systems that make it so impossible to breakthrough and by being able to do so, one feels it is the doing of a god.

Why do you think politicians would endorse religions especially christianity and Islam if there were any truth in them?  They swear by them because they know they know there is no truth in them; very few of them are genuinely ignorant that religion is not based on truth. 

President of Ghana, Nana Addo and Heward mills, the general overseer of Light house chapel.
Photo: wiki

The majority of them through their involvement in FREEMASONRY and other perverse esoteric gatherings know religion is  fraudulent on all levels.

Africans/Ghanaians are the most religious people on this planet yet the most IGNORANT, dirtiest, Sick and most CORRUPT. If prayers truly worked our continent would have been the most advanced.

We claim to know god but give one of us a public position and the citizenry would sing a DIRGE for the public purse.

Our situation as Africans/Ghanaians is a sad one because our leaders are sell-outs or for the lack of a better word, Western puppets. 

It is hypocritical to think of our leaders as stupid hence don’t know what they are about; they know our plights, everything we rant about on social media and other media platforms they see.

They know the right moves to embark on, to get the nation working but are entangled in so many things that overpower them.

In fact Ghana just like all other African states as it stands is under neo-colonialism and therefore regardless of whoever comes into power, the structures that FACILITATE IGNORANCE to make it easier for exploitation of the citizenry by the West must be enhanced.

 Refusal to do so, our leaders are threatened with assassination, coup, and other forms of political unrest by the West. They did it to Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara, Lumumba and many other well meaning African leaders who refused to toe to their lines.

Our leaders,  are nothing but the gate-keepers of IGNORANCE. They make sure they take decisions that would always make us RIPE for further exploitation by their NEO-COLONIAL masters and therefore endorsement and promotion of Religion is a great tool for such an agenda.

Africa/Ghana is so sick and most of us have no idea if it’ll ever heal since our leaders continue to ruin citizens with religions and promote all sort of ignorant practices.The average African is IGNORANT, so IGNORANT that ignorance becomes an underestimation; things get worse with this cancer everyday.





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