By Serwaa Ampaafo

Photo: wiki

Mugabe was the man who, in 1980, became the head of government of Zimbabwe, in his quest to guide his country towards “democracy” after 14 years of rebellion against the Crown, headed by white Southern Rhodesian leader Ian Smith.

However the democracy which he promised his people never materialized. His administration according to news reports became heavily fraught with vote rigging,  intimidation and persecution of his political opponents etc to the point that plans were underway to make sure his wife Gucci Grace replace him after he’s left office.

 A situation which led to an escalation of tension in the Zimbabwean region.

Fertile Farm lands which he seized from white farmers according to reports were often left to ruin which led to food shortages and a dramatic downturn in zimbabwe’s economy.

The economy of this mineral-rich country therefore descended into chaos with a significant number of people reduced to poverty, many of them suffering from near-starvation and worse.

Inflation during Mugabe’s rule sky-rocketed making bread cost millions of zimbabwean dollars.

 In fact during Mugabes rule lots of people with humble beginnings became billionaires but could hardly even affords fuel or some times a three square meal because the monies though in millions were of no value due to the extremely high inflation level.

Regardless of the ruthless rule of Mugabe’s administration, he is highly praised and revered as a true pan-africanist and here at Africa awakes we ask: Where do we draw the line between pan-africanism and tyranny. Must any African who disregard whites be revered as a pan-africanist even though they oppress their own people?



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