By Serwaa Ampaafo

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Nigeria justifiably has a reputation for  criminal Activities both in the home country and abroad; A similar stance Buhari admitted speaking to London’s Telegraph on February 2016. Why this i is so, he refused to give an indepth explanation

In fact one arguement which is usually used to shield the ‘Nigerian criminality’   when it flares up is the fact that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa so it possessing a higher number of criminals is quite normal.

In fact it  is a flawed arguement because if population plays a role in criminality then China which holds a population of 1.4 billion as against Nigeria’s 190 million thus the most populous country in the world should have been in the lead of criminal activities in the world. Most of what Ghanaians term as criminality on the part of Chinese are well negotiated deals which the ordinary citizen on the blind side.

China is the most populous country in the world yet they do not give their neighbors much problems like the average Nigerian criminal does. 

Why does the Nigerian environment breed so much criminals for their neighbors and the world at large?

 Factors could be attributed to bad governance which creates unfavorable economic situations that makes life unbearable for the average Nigerian. 

We could compare the Nigeria population arguement to the chinese. As stated earlier, China is the most populous country in the world, thus possess much potent and advanced  criminals yet they do not inflict much inconvenience on their neighbors as it happens with Nigerians. 

From this we could say that though China is populous  but its excellent governance and systems that seek to address the needs of the citizenry are fully functional making such an environment unfavorable for breeding petty silly criminals. 

If the Chinese run their country in the same way and manner Nigeria is being run, the same or even worse results would have been obtained. The Chinese would have been the most blacklisted in the world.  

 The existent hardship that exist in Nigeria just like many other African countries cause them to move once there are new laws that threaten their activities or when they have outgrown in their numbers so competition sets in making their criminal activities unprofitable. 

Ghana has flexible laws with lots of loopholes in them thus a safe haven for criminals especially from Nigeria. We are not saying Ghanaians do not engage in crime; we  equally do but from recent statics looks like Nigerians are in a comfortable lead in criminal game.

Ghanaians do no hate Nigerians or any other national. We hate criminals! You cant keep kiddnaping and raping ghanaians and still call us your siblings or expect to refer to you as such. It is either Nigerians call themselves to order or face the other side of the Ghanaian.




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