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To a man of faith, prayer is the master key and the answer to all problems. To a man of reasoning, prayer is wishful thinking, and certainly not a solution to any problem.

The Bible says, the prayer of the righteous availeth much. But, in secular humanism, the works of the serious-minded availeth much. While many believers strive for righteousness in their own definition, atheist strives to be serious-minded. 

There are many times, I was in dare situations, where people offended me unknowingly by offering me prayers instead of the solution I need. Many times, I go through frustration with believers, because they rely on prayers, while I rely heavily on actions. But, with maturity, I have come to realize that believers don’t intend to offend me, but to them, prayer is the highest form of sacrifice and intimacy they can offer me. (Though is usually needless) 

When I consider the number of hours, believers put into prayer, requesting virtually all permission to operate, I can imagine human beings are like robots, before their God’s. But, in reality, people can attain just about the same things they wish to attain without prayers, and regardless, the prayers alone without needed actions will do absolutely nothing. Doesn’t it stand to reason that, prayer is not the tool that makes things happened?

Just imagine, on Fridays when Muslims meet, they do not waste time praying, but sit together to reason to solve social problems, and on Sundays when Christians meet, all they do is to brainstorm to solve societal problems, the world would have been a much better place. On the few occasions where believers gather to do community service, the human race gains more than all the long hours they put in prayer or go for their pilgrimages.

Since religious worship centers are closed due to the corona pandemic, it looks like demons are no more tormenting people on Sundays. Maybe, the demons are waiting for the corona to be over before they start operating again. Right now, it looks like ’God’ has repaired his eardrum now, so he can hear people pray silently from their homes, instead of the noise pollution on Sundays. It looks like, Allah can accept our prayers now, instead of wasting money and traveling all the way to Mecca to boost Saudi Arabia’s economy.

When people start changing the narrative from, I’ll pray for you, to I’ll do it for you, the world will be a much better place. Prayer is nothing but, wishful thinking, that in most cases if not backed by prudent actions, results in nothing. But, a prudent action not backed by prayers can yield prudent results regardless. Is the solution now, the action or the prayer? Evidence doesn’t lie.

We were in this country when our president called for national prayer and fasting to protect Ghana from COVID’19. What’s the outcome of the prayer? Wouldn’t Ghana had made much progress if the president had assembled all the top scientist and brains we have in this country, to brainstorm how best to deal with the pandemic?

You can’t solve real problems with an imaginary solution, real problems need real solutions. If you’re broke, you need the opportunity to make money not prayers, if you’re sick, you need proper medical attention, if you have a court case, you need a good lawyer. etc, Stop saving money, to go to Mecca to go and pray. It’s a waste. You’re only going to boost Saudi Arabia’s economy.

Use that money to establish a business, that’s what your children can inherit. Your children cannot even inherit your passport after your death. 

Think! Religion is nothing but mental tricks. Stop playing on your own intelligence. 

By: Ing.Richard Mawuli Amegatse.


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