By Serwaa Ampaafo

Photo: wiki

Ancient blacks/Egyptians, the civlizers of the world never engaged in spookism, magic, religions and oracles. They were An so advanced in mathematics and science and their heavy reliance on them was the reason victory over their enemies (Greeks, Romans and Arabs) spanned thousands of years. 

 Kemet collapsed when they lost sight of the science due to infiltration of religions, magic and oracles from Arabs,  Greeks, Romans and Asians. Superstition and irrationality became commonplace which permeated to other parts of African which therefore allowed for the pillage of Africa and her people. The superstitions largely spread throughout Africa during   black holocaust.

Unfortunately many cannot distinquish between the latter day decline of African science and the original practicality and approach to it by ancient Africans.

Ancient Africans were largely vegan hence a form of spirituality which involves killing or sacrificing animals couldn’t have been possible.

Human and animal sacrifice was predominantly part of European, Asian and Arabic cultures and these are quite evident in the kind of religions they presented and propagated in Africa. The whole concept of christianity just like Islam and the many other western religions are premised on bloodshed.

Eurocentric concepts had long permeated the true African culture long before slave trade and colonization and therefore most of what most Africans claim as African culture are not truly ours.

Oracles and magic are as stupid as religions that was why it couldn’t save blacks from slavery, apartheid, colonization and other forms of evils visited on blacks by whites. The Oracles, voodoos and all the forms of spirituality couldn’t foretell or prevent any of the white evils.

It is sad to see the concept of ancestral veneration being deduced to mere food and drinks left on shrines to rot. 

Photo: wiki

The concept of ancestral veneration transcends libation pouring and throwing food about to feed ancestors; It involves the perpetuation of ancestral works in the form of art, music, food, the sciences etc. By definition, one can boldly say that it is the Europeans, Asians and Arabs that  greatly carry out ancestral veneration. They venerate their ancestors in all aspects of their lives thereby making them masters in all disciplines.

Its about time Africans stopped the reckless killing of innocent animals and throwing precious food and drinks about in the name of feeding and appeasing ancestors; we must focus on developing our species. If as an African who claims liberation from Eurocentric concepts still believe in shedding blood of any kind (human or animals) in the name of culture then how different are you from propagators and followers of Abrahamic and Asiatic religions? 


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