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Proverbs 13:24 “He that hates his son SPARES THE ROD; he who loves him discipline him diligently”

Proverbs 22:5 “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the ROD of correction shall drive it far from him”

First of, Children are not foolish; they are just new beings trying to know and understand their environment hence do so many things older ones deem foolish. As it has  always been said here, religions are not truth; they are mental programmes which dictate the way a group must behave; usually in a perverse manner.

Also, the quran  teaches that a child who refuses to offer prayers to allah at the age of seven(7) could equally be beaten till he/she does so.

As a society or Ghanaians/Africans  we lack SOCIAL ENGINEERS whose job is to device proper mental and social conditioning systems hence reliance on Abrahamic slave religions for direction—-in this case christianity and Islam is widespread.

These religions  teach violence/aggression towards children as a corrective measure;  meanwhile it is an established fact that children brought up like that either become COWARDS or AGGRESSIVE just like how they were brought up.

In the case of Ghana we have lots of both in our system, we have lots of cowards and aggressive adults . They are our parents, teachers, security personnels etc.

 In most cases physical punishment seldom improves the child. It doesn’t create a wish in the child to correct the behavior. They might perhaps show some momentary signs of change out of fear of the rod and the beatings, but is no guarantee that he will not repeat the same act again. His basic failing will persist in his subconscious mind. It will manifest itself later on in some other form.

The development of every nation thrives on how it treats its women and children and every advanced nation understands this reality.

 It is quite shocking and funny that these same people are the ones that introduced religions to blacks yet hardly practice anything in them; but even if they decide to, they would still prosper because religion only favors the inventor. Check if they beat their children as the religions they created demands; they don’t because they know the effects of such unlike Africans.

Religion is the root of almost all our behaviors; usually absurd  in the society and until we ban religions and adopt reasonable approach to solving issues Abuse and idiocy will forever be a part of us.



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