By Serwaa Ampaafo

A boy being baptized.
Photo: wiki

Christianity just like Islam and the many others is a proselytizing religion. It asks you to denounce who you are and assume a new identity; an act which is sealed through baptism. Assuming a new identity means a change of culture which includes NAMES, language, style of dressing etc. If the religion was invented by members of your race, then one likely to progress with it at the expense of those who borrow them and would have to battle identity crisis.

The day you get baptized is the day you denounce NOT only your identity but COMMON SENSE. In fact, the day you get baptized is the day you burry your brain to accept that a woman came from a man’s RIB when in reality we have always witnessed that it is women that birth men.

The day you get baptized is the day you choose to accept that, god created Adam and Eve who gave birth to cain and Abel; Cain killed Abel and out of Adam and Eve, cain still had a wife.

 The day you get baptized is the day you accept that you a SHEEP, which is emboldened in psalm 23″The lord is my Shepherd, i shall not want”.

If the lord is your shepherd then automatically you are a sheep because it is only Sheep that have SHEPHERDS; but sadly if i start referring to christians as sheep now, they’ll take offense.

Are christians also aware sheep are the dumbest of all domestic animals? Why doesnt the holy book(s) refer to their followers as lions? Why do they refer to their followers as sheep knowing very well sheep are eaten by WOLVES and LIONS?

As if calling christians sheep is not enough, the same bible further brainwashes followers to become like LITTLE children to enable them enter the kingdom of heaven(Mathew 18:3).

I think the writers, in as much as they are disrespectful towards their followers were also right in a way; because it is only a child or an adult with the brain of a child that can accept that a Snake actually spoke to Eve and virgin Mary was impregnated by jehovah devoid of any form of evidence.

The writers were right because it is only a child that can accept their ridiculous claims without questioning.

Why do religious folks also call their god ‘LORD’? In ancient Egypt pharaohs were called lords, judges in the law court today are called lords and some women also call their husbands lord(me wura in twi); so what exactly are they calling on to when they say Lord?

See, without IGNORANCE, Fear and gross stupidity no religion would thrive.

Stop being a sheep, be a lion/lioness!



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