By Serwaa Ampaafo

Photo: wiki

Why would any caring person think that abortion is good? Letting a fetus whether developed or undeveloped suffer a death in which their spine is sucked into a tube or their limbs are torn apart or their heart is stopped through poison is not empowering or liberating. 

These choices ought not to be choices at all but unfortunately sometimes it is the only good choice in tall list of bad choices. They are cruel tragedies for all involved, and they should not be permitted in a civilized nation. 

However On some occasions it is necessary especially when the mother’s life is at risk because she is not strong enough to deliver a healthy baby and could die in the process. If the mother was raped, or maybe has unintentionally commited incest which would have biological implications on the child. These are rarities. Abortion is not a good thing. 

How does a right thinking develop an unwanted pregnancy?  Is it out of negligence or ignorance? Why do you have unprotected sex and not expect  pregnancy? 

A thinking human being adheres to birth control principles if they don’t want children. Condoms, birth control pills, I.U.D., sponges, and other devices are readily available at health centers, hospitals, Planned Parenthood. 

The concept of abortion is just sick.  But unfortunately many do not see it as such, they treat abortion like the way they are supposed to be adhering to birth control plans. They have unprotected sex anyhow, get pregnant and abort as many times as they want.

Infact, the right action should be the education of women, men, girls, boys, and availability of birth control strategies/plans. It shouldn’t encourage earlier sex – but rather encourage  people to be responsible sexually.

Abortion is disgusting and insensitive; it would never cross your path if you take good care of yourself as a woman


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