By Serwaa Ampaafo

Photo: wiki

God/god is just an imaginary friend for adults. Believing in them may give comfort in times of trouble and also give one something to look forward to, but that doesn’t mean they are real.

If one claims to be irreligious, yet  believe in God/gods then they have no moral right to question or criticize followers of religions especially  of the Abrahamaic faiths who do same but in a different manner or degree. 

The stance on believing in God/gods without religion is equally ignorant just like that of followers of religions. The only difference might be that such position on the matter doesn’t come with a book hence cannot be subjected to scrutiny and criticisms.

 Belief in God/gods without any shred of evidence of their existence is just as credulous as followers of Abrahamic faith. 

The sad truth is that many do not leave religion with an intellectual position on the matter otherwise they wouldn’t exhibit similar traits they accuse religious gods and their  followers of. 

Many non-believers are equally gullible,misogynists, liars, abusive, unfair etc just like the Abrahamic or the other gods and their followers they criticize.

It is valid therefore to say that most people leave/left religion probably because they know an atheist or an agnostic who spreads knowledge on the internet on such matters but not as an intellectual conclusion by themselves.

 Most people might have also left religion maybe for the fact that they themselves have a negative behavior which is continually threatened with eternal damnation in hell fire while they associate with religion. 

Abandoning religion only means freedom for the mind and body to seek truth but not an automatic pass to enlightenment as many who criticize make it seem because  truth be told, most religious folks are also very intelligent in a number of fields. 

There is no intellectual information they are not privy to;  it’s just religion they can’t wrap their heads around. 

They can’t comprehend why it is not true because unfortunately religion is intertwined with morality and to most people leaving religion means abandoning any form of morals that make society progressive. An assertion which is very false because morality existed way before the invention of religions.

Criticizing  religion while equally believing in God/gods is hypocritical and highly immoral. At the moment all the arguments for God/gods are ridiculously weak and infantile. Believers in it can only explain the concept with an analogy but unfortunately only God in form and in whole can be  proof of God any other means is a fraud. 


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