By Serwaa Ampaafo

Photo: wiki

The religious mind is a gullible mind; A situation that has little or nothing to do with one’s level of education or social status. Religion is a way of wiring humans to perform or act in a particular usually predictable way thus the gullibility of religionists is not only limited to activities that has to do with religions.

In fact one key concept that has been used to strengthen the gullibility in religious people is the concept of FAITH. Faith is fundamental or plays a pivotal role in almost all known religions.

Generally, religions encourage faith and denounces Skepticism as a lifestyle . Followers are taught that faith is a virtue and doubt the vice when in reality, the opposite is what exists.

 Faith is vice and doubt the virtue.

 Faith is arrogant and certain whereas doubt is humble, curious and cautious. Doubt acknowledges the uncertainty or unpredictability of life thus takes measures to avoid damages. 

Honestly, the concept of faith inherent in religions is what makes religion dangerous. With Faith one has no idea of the stunt a religionists might pull on them with the help of their books. 

With Regard to christianity; It was by faith that Abraham believed the voice he heard to sacrifice Isaac was from God. It was by same faith that Jephtha also sacrificed his daughter to honour Jehovah after a victorious war.

Truth be told, if not for the concept of faith inherent in religions, followers would have found they do not get any miracle as purported. All they think are miracles are explainable natural phenomena which they are not allowed to investigate since that would amount to a doubting Thomas situation which is greatly abhorred. According to Jesus, “blessed are those who have not seen yet believeth”

Sad to say but religionists can hardly tell fact from fiction, they can barely engage reality without an interference by their delusions thus easily fall prey to scams or con-men even outside of their religious circle. If anyone thinks otherwise, they could conduct a survey to find if almost if not all victims of major ponzi schemes across the world do not hold a belief in God one way or the other. The on-going  Menzgold brouhaha in Ghana would be a good case to consider in this regard


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