By Serwaa Ampaafo

One of the many reasons Blacks haven’t been able to develop after our fall through numerous invasions by whites is our Over-reliance on these same whites for information. Beige skins, have always been our source of almost all relevant information; we believe everything they say without questioning or analyzing.

Whites detemine what is standard and valid in academia. Almost all world wide accepted researches and fathers of renowned disciplines from the soft sciences -Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, History etc to the deep sciences -Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc are all are whites. 

Infact this narrative of whites been the fathers of almost all disciplines is greatly false. Africans were the ones that first had knowledge in all these fields of academia back in ancient Egypt and Ethiopia. The Egyptians were the ones that civilized the Greeks, who in turn civilized the Romans and her neighbors.

 The legendary kingdoms of Egypt and Kush predates any civilization known to man. In Alexandria of Egypt was the greatest library in the classical world, founded in 295 BC. Egypt was the first to devise a 365 day/ twelve month calendar. The ancient African Egyptians were so advanced in astronomy, physics, mathematics that the pyramids of Giza align with the Three Kings Constellation. Till date no one knows how those monolithic architecture were constructed. 

Many who think ‘with their skin’, and always seek to undermine blacks and their achievements have suggested those legendary constructions couldn’t have been done by by blacks but thanks to the works of Diop, it is an established fact today that the ancient Egyptians were melanin people.

Most of the philosophical works of Socrates, Plato, aristotle and the mathematical works of Pythagoras and their cohorts whom majority of Africans revere are a plagiarism of ancient Egyptian works. 

Prominent Western scholars have found it necessary to revise history erasing African people from all significant events of the world  while making their race appear relevant.

Every year, the annual October Nobel Prize announcements coincide with Black History Month, which is a painful reminder that of the more than 900 Nobel laureates only 14 have been black and NONE in the science. Almost all black laureates have been awarded for their work in the fields of Peace and literature.

By contrast, there have been over 72 Asian  laureates majority in the sciences and since 2000 the number has significantly increased.

Over the years, Black students have ben taught that they have no significant history beyond the enslavement of their ancestors and are being miseducated to respect and admire white culture and achievements above their own. 

The grossly  undeserving and inaccurate white-adoring mindset held by black people is an intentional design outcome. To the detriment of blacks, this system of applied psychological conditioning has been extremely effective and it has conditioned many blacks  not only to accept but in some cases prefer the dominance of whites and white institutions over their lives by misleading them to believe that they themselves are their own worst enemies.

A beautiful black girl in the classroom.
Photo: wiki

 These thoughts when injected into the black psyche  engender an aberration of internalized self contempt that destroys black unity and halts black upward mobility. Since whites are controlling most of the information given to we blacks this also allows them to blind us from truly seeing the collective white psyche as it really is. 


The fact is that, within the collective white psyche, there is a profoundly entrenched predisposition for racism that is matched only by their desire for deceit, greed and hunger for power. 

While labeling all other races especially blacks as being savages they have been the most brutally savage throughout. Their subjugation, murder and exploitation of all other races are unmatched. Despite possessing a brutal history consumed by unrivalled racism as well as unjustifiable  wars and crimes against humanity, the white race is now perceived as being the most ethical and moral racial group of the human family.


In conclusion, as long as  whites are the ones exclusively writing all the relevant  educational curriculum and keeping the scores on the societal scoreboard, they will always give black people fraudulent information that implies black inferiority and their false white superiority;  Also since information directly influences our thoughts, this process would also continually allow them to exploit our thoughts and until we break the monopoly whites have on our black minds, liberation, hence development is not only impossible, it is unthinkable!


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